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Ternoa EVM Builder Program

$500k of Grants to build on Ternoa L2

Welcome to the Ternoa Blockchain Grant Program. This program is designed to fuel innovation and growth within the Ternoa ecosystem, supporting projects at various stages of development, from early-stage ideas needing seed funding to mature projects looking for growth capital.

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Grant Types

Early Adopter Grants

Bring or build your project on Ternoa zkEVM (and/or Testnet) and join Ternoa ecosystem.

Seed Grants

For early-stage projects actively developing a Minimimum Viable Product or Proof of Concept.

Propulsion Pilot Program

For scalable dapps (gaming, privacy, defi, consumer...)ready to grow beyond our ecosystem.

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1. Submission

Applicants submit their projects through our online form, providing details about the project scope, team, and intended use of funds.

2. Review

The grant committee reviews submissions based on innovation, potential impact, and alignment with Ternoa's strategic goals.

3. Decision

Decisions are communicated to each applicant.

4. Announcement

Cross-Marketing announcement of projects joining the program.

5. Funding

Funds are distributed according to the type of grant and milestones achieved.

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All projects (except excluded activities), at all maturity stages, are eligible to receive a grant.  Community involvement or previous participation in Ternoa-related activities are factored in.

Exclusions: Projects involving gambling, illicit activities, etc., are not be eligible.


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Grants recipients shall complete milestones agreed upon in their application. 


In addition they shall provide regular updates and participate in community events to share their progress.

Post-Funding Engagements

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All projects shall receive feedback first on their grant application, then on their progress, fostering a loop of continuous improvement.


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Grant recipients are encouraged to engage with the Ternoa community, by contributing to forums, and joining Ternoa ecosystem events online and irl.

and Support

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