Ternoa capsules

Your NFTs turn into locked capsules in order to make your digital assets confidential on the Ternoa blockchain.

Ternoa Time Capsules - Creation


of a capsule

To generate a capsule we start with an NFT, which will then be minted by Ternoa Chain. Thanks to this process, the capsule gains the unique feature of being able to contain secret and encrypted data.

Ternoa Time Capsule
Your keys hidden all over the world

Ternoa Chain uses Shamir's Secret Sharing algorithm to secure the capsules. The secret is divided into shares and then sent to different nodes ensuring the perfect decentralization.

Ternoa Time Capsule
Secrets well kept

Ternoa's SecretNodes contain a secure area ensuring that the code and data loaded inside is protected in terms of confidentiality and integrity.

Ternoa Time Capsules - Edition


a capsule

An immense capacity for holding priceless memories. A capsule can be endlessly edited, adding as much content as you’d like.

Ternoa Time Capsule
Your memories deserve confidentiality

Ternoa capsules are protected on both the outside and inside. In the capsule, the content is automatically encrypted using the asymmetric GPG encryption process, guaranteeing authenticity, integrity and confidentiality. Together they ensure the continuity of the collective memory.

Ternoa Time Capsule
Decentralization all the way

Once secured, your memories are scattered with our memory keepers, located all over the world. Together they ensure the continuity of the collective memory.

Ternoa Time Capsules - Reception


a capsule

People pass away, but their capsules remain and are passed down from generation to generation.

Ternoa Time Capsule
An eternal gift

A capsule is not only a place where your memories will belong to you, but also the possibility of passing them down from generation to generation.

Ternoa Time Capsule
The keys to a new horizon

By receiving the keys to the capsule, the recipient becomes the new owner. It is up to them to open the doors to their new life.

Ternoa Time Capsules - Opening


a capsule

Now that you have keys, the puzzle is reformed, giving way to generations of memories.

Ternoa capsules have been thought out and designed to allow wonder through transmission.

Ternoa Time Capsule in your hands

Ternoa Capsule

By adding a transfer protocol, a capsule is bound by the bonds of time. Only the defined date will allow the protocol to be triggered, which will send the keys to its new owner.

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