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Bring the full potential of your web3 ideas to life with ease: private content, delegation, renting…

Ternoa, the first NFT-Centric Blockchain powered by Polkadot

NFT-Dedicated Blockchain

Beyond uniqueness and rarity, Ternoa’s Utility NFTs open a new range of possibilities.

Ternoa Markeplaces ecosystem

Privacy First

Ternoa natively combines decentralization and encryption with TEEs to turn NFTs into secured and private data containers. This design creates “True Ownership” of digital data for users.

Ternoa Markeplaces ecosystem

Multichain by Design

Through bridges, mirroring and native polkadot portability, Ternoa allows users to merge NFTs from all ecosystems in one place.

Ternoa Markeplaces ecosystem


Our protocol relies on Nominated Proof-of-Stake to ensure state-of-the-art energy consumption. Because blockchain mass adoption requires a sustainable approach.

Augment NFTs with advanced features

True ownership & Secret content

NFTs become containers, using decentralized storage and encryption so that only the holder can access content.

Combination & Fractionalization

Merge or divide NFTs on chain, allowing multiple ownership or new User Experiences.

Delegating & Lending

Share the NFTs features with anyone without transfering ownership.

Auctions & Royalties

Advanced transactional features to help creators valuing their contents.

Mirroring & Interoperability

NFTs minted on other blockchains (eg. ERC721 mint via Opensea) can be activated and live a second life.

By Builders for Builders

Ternoa Markeplaces ecosystem

Ease of access

Utility NFTs are native to our chain and do not require any complex programming such as smart contracts. They can be deployed using high level languages only (Javascript).

Ternoa Markeplaces ecosystem


Our ecosystem of NFT based dApps keep growing day after day. Our SDK relies upon most popular high level languages, allowing us to tap into the world’s largest pool of developers.

Ternoa Markeplaces ecosystem


Our Main Developer gather the best dev, product and strategy teams. The Labs helps entrepreneurs to start building on Ternoa network with zero code experience.

Capsule Coin


What can you do with CAPS?


Use your CAPS to vote on the future of Ternoa, play a role in the development and expansion of the blockchain.

Network Security

Validators and nominators help secure the network by pledging CAPS.

Staking & Rewards

CAPS rewards are distributed to validators, nominators and secretNodes.

Mainnet roadmap

Phase 1 — — — — — ▹

✅ Done


  • Native CAPS
  • Nodes
  • Governance
  • Bridge

Phase 2 — — — — — ▹

✅ Done


  • Mint & Sell
  • Create a Marketplace
  • Royalties & Delegation
  • Collections

Phase 3 — — — — — ▹

✅ Done


  • English Auctions
  • Rental NFT
  • SoulBound Tokens (SBTs)
  • In app Token

Phase 4 — — — — — ▹

✅ Done


  • TEE
  • Secret
  • Capsule
  • Transmission Protocols

Phase 5 — — — — — ▹

🚧 In progress


  • Open source clusters
  • Parachain
  • Mirroring

Develop and Deploy

Our documentations, videos, tutorials, SDK and more are all available to quickly build your NFTs project on Ternoa.

import { createNft, initializeApi, getKeyringFromSeed, WaitUntil, safeDisconnect, NFTCreatedEvent } from "ternoa-js";

const mintNFT = async (): Promise<NFTCreatedEvent> => {
	try {
		await initializeApi();
		const keyring = await getKeyringFromSeed("//TernoaTestAccount");
		const nftData = await createNft(
			"hello world",
		console.log("The on-chain NFT id is: ", nftData.nftId);
	} catch (e) {
	} finally {
		await safeDisconnect();


Ternoa Wallet

A Crypto Wallet for Ternoa Chain. The best way to manage your CAPS and discover the Ternoa blockchain ecosystem. View more

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